MCOM 341

Hairdresser: A Hit or Miss?

When people usually go to the hairdresser they usually go for themselves and only think about the reputation of the hairdresser, but they don’t necessarily think about the handwork it takes to become a successful hairdresser.

Thinking about the pros and cons of being a hairdresser is important if one is thinking about being a professional in the field, however it is also important to understand the effort and work that people put into this job, and to show appreciation to them.

When starting off the first thing a person should do is contemplate whether this is the right path for them. Some of the responsibilities involved in this include good customer service. You are dealing with clients/customers all day, you have to be friendly and open if you want people to come back to the salon.


Another quality to think about is being versatile, because  different customers/clients want different hairstyles.

But in order to truly become a professional and licensed hairstylist one must go through the proper steps. Without these steps one cannot not legally work as a hair stylist.

There are many pros and cons to any job but a pro of this job is the flexible hours. There is more ability to negotiate when the most convenient time for hair appointments are, and if a person owns there own business in the hair industry then they can even decide when to open and close their shop.


Marquisia Bullock is a great example of a women who has made her own successful business out of styling hair. She has been styling hair for over 15 years. A women who started off like most by renting booths in other peoples franchise, in order to style hair, has now moved up to having others rent booths from her. She is now the owner of her own hair salon called The Hair Marqui. Nowadays she makes on average $2,700 a week from her customers/clients.

“I wanted to be a doctor, at first, but I was drawn to this job.” “I enjoyed the flexibility of the job, and the ability to be my own boss.”

But being your own boss comes with its own issues. “Some of the main struggles is doing everything, such as out sourcing taxes. It can be a taxing job, which is why I try and get people to help me,” Bullock said.

Even with all this success, the work doesn’t stop there, there is always a continuous strive to be better, especially with all the competition between hairstylist caused by the battle over customers. The key to success, not just in hair styling, but in many jobs is advertising the business. There are many ways to advertise your business, but there are specific ones when dealing with the advertisement of a hair salon.

As a professional hairstylist, you might start small and make your way up, becoming more successful until you hit the jackpot. However this doesn’t come overnight, and without patience, and a strong work ethic.

Work hard for your dreams, and if you go to a hairdresser, thank them for all their handwork (they do stand around doing hair for hours). Give them a smile and a thank you and make both of your days brighter.


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