Fun/Helpful Korean Learning Apps

It can be hard to motivate yourself to learn a new language. Especially a language that is so different from English. However, there are ways to make language learning easier and more enjoyable. One of these ways is through engaging phone apps.

There are many apps out there, some are good, some are bad and some are in between. A fairly recent app, called infinite Korean, came out that allows its users to play a game and learn a language at the same time. It tests your memory and speed skills.

Since it is a game it is designed to be interactive, and because words are repeated as you play the game, it is easier for the users to remember the words, which is good for memory. You can also switch between Hangul and romanization aka the English version of Korean words. The Romanization is helpful for those that are just starting out and may not know Hangul as well as a more advanced learner. The Hangul is helpful for those that are a little more advanced and need something a bit more challenging.

But this isn’t the only app out there there are many more apps that can spice up your Korean language learning. Some of these include:

Daily Dose (is compatible with Korean and nine other languages):

  • This app gives users a word/phrase a day. This is very helpful when trying to improve upon vocabulary. The app also gives you the exact date and day of the week, in the language you are learning. This app with the help of continued repetition and studying of the words and phrases can be very helpful.

Hello Talk (is compatible with Korean and 149 other languages)

  • This app allows users to talk to native speakers throughout the world. The app is designed to allow users to help one another learn a different language. It gives you options of people who are trying to learn the language that you yourself are fluent in and vice versa. It is a good way to practice Korean or any other language that you are learning, while also helping someone else in the process.

V Live

  • This app allows users to watch personal videos from Korean celebrities. If you are interested in K-pop, or K-drama’s this is a great app, as it entertains you while also allowing you to listen to normal Korean conversation. This helps improve your Korean listening skills, and also could help you learn a few new words, and may help with proper pronunciation.

Webtoon (Korean version)

  • This app is a handful of comics that are in Korean. In order to use this tool, you have to be able to read Hangul, and be ready to look up a few words. However, it is a great tool to improve your readings skills in Korean while also allowing you to read interesting comics. (There is also an English version of this app, however I would suggest for learning purposes you get the Korean version.)

Here is a few more apps from youtuber Margarita that you can look into to help further your learning process:


Learning a language doesn’t have to be boring, you just have to find ways to make it a little more fun. So go out and try these apps, and hopefully at least one will be right for you, and will help you on your journey towards being fluent in Korean.


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