Business is a Women’s Best Friend and Worst Enemy

When being a women in a world of men, you have to work a little harder to get by. It may be hard work but women nowadays are proving that its possible.

As of 2016 there is an estimated 11.3 million women owned businesses. The number of women owned businesses is growing faster than the overall number of businesses in the nation. The number of women owned firms is growing five times faster than the national average to be exact.

Women are making strides in this country, and are improving in the business world at an alarming but magnificent rate. It is only right that we be aware of the opportunities that are opening up to us as women, and to the women in our lives.

Women of color are making their own strides as well.

The majority of all African American businesses,  are owned by women (58.9%).

For Asian and Hispanic women the growth compared to their male counterparts in business is amazing. Since 2007 businesses owned by Hispanic women has seen an 88.31% and Asian women have seen a growth of 44.31%. This is higher than their male counterparts who only had a growth of 39.34% and 25.12% respectively.

Though there are significant strides that are being made, there are still downsides. Women still face a significant wage gap and have a harder time gaining start up money for their businesses.

This is why women should encourage one another to start up a business. The more women, the less unequal treatment. The more they see our value, the more they appreciate us.

To the men  reading this, don’t just sit back, help out your wife, daughter, mother, etc, when she needs it.

Starting a business may be hard, being a women in male dominated field may be hard, but the desire and feeling of dedication and perseverance is worth it all, and the way future generations will look back on your achievements is truly worth the struggle.

So please, go out and start your own business, be your own person, encourage others to do the same. If you need a little more inspiration check out this blog  (which is also women owned and run) post that talks about 8 women entrepreneurs.